Another Inconvenient Truth

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On December 15 of 2014, Justin Derby released his first ever book: Another Inconvenient Truth: What Secular America Hates, an apologetics/spiritual warfare book. In April of 2016, a second edition of Another Inconvenient Truth was released on both Kindle and as a paperback. 

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 Here are the reviews & endorsements other have written for Another Inconvenient Truth: 


"Will Al Gore read Justin Derby’s Another Inconvenient Truth – What Secular America Hates? Who knows? Derby does the video blog Truth The Objective Reality (TTOR) which focuses on apologetics issues. He has a mass com background. 

Derby tackles atheism, the same-sex controversy, church-state relations, the historicity of Christ and eschatology. He takes a power packed and fact filled approach to these cutting edge worldview issues. For example, Derby adroitly confronts the deniers of Deity: 

“Because atheists cannot back up the assertion that there is no God with evidence that trumps the science and historical evidence tor the existence of God, they redefine atheism to make it into psychological condition that everyone is born with.” (p. 19) 

Derby is widely read in the apologetic field and quotes Francis Schaeffer’s warning that acceptance of abortion will lead to the breakdown of society. It is indeed a true truth that disrespect for life leads to increased violence. 

Many scientists speak confidently that my cousin was a mole and that this planet is thousands of millions of years old. Derby rightly provides physicist Richard Feynman’s accurate assessment of scientism, “If you thought that science was certain – well, that is just an error on your part.” (p. 29) 

Evolutionists say the oddest things. Derby quotes authorities like Richard Dawkins to show that the gaps in the fossil record are real. The missing links are still missing. Darwinian materialists are blinded to the evidence that runs contrary to evolution. According to Bill Nye (the Science Guy), children should be protected from creationism. 

This book describes professing Christians who compromise on the goodness of traditional marriage. Derby clearly shows, through Scripture and research, that homosexuality is wrong and harmful. A key 2012 study by Mark Regnerus (Prof. of Sociology, Univ. of Texas) demonstrated that kids who grow up in same-sex families have more depression, higher poverty, increased drug abuse and other negative factors. 

Derby gives a very complete argument for the historicity of Christ referencing Josephus, Celsus, Serapion, Pliny the Younger, Lucian, Seutonius and Tacitus. You will also find great support the early dating of the New Testament (before 70 AD). 

There are 91 endnotes and a helpful “Resources” section with useful books, videos and websites. We highly recommend this passionate defense of the faith filled with facts consistent with the Bible’s teaching." 
-Jay Hall, Christian Apologist and author of "Young Earth Science and The Dawn of a New Worldview" 

"There are not many authors out there that are willing to write the absolute truth about what is going on in society. Justin Derby is definitely one of those authors not afraid to speak against the destructive habits and practices that society have tried to take on as normal." 

-Derrick Tchie, The Designers Blender 

"Justin Derby has a clear perception of how the rug has been pulled from under the feet, what significant biblical, theological and moral issues are involved, and what their consequences are. He summarizes these issues in very clear and analytical terms. Every pastor, Christian counselor, communicator, and apologist must read this book." 

-Dr. Johnson C Philip, Christian Apologist and president of Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology 

"With wisdom well past his years, and with dogged determination, Justin goes right at the pressing issues of our day, with an unwavering commitment to the unchanging inerrant Word of God. True lovers of truth will find this book extremely helpful.” 

-Dr. Jim Jenkins, Founder of The Jude 3 Fellowship, and author of "Fatal Drift: Is The Church Losing it's Anchor?" 

"When it comes to matters such as homosexuality and abortion, I believe a person should be able to make their own decision because if they don't have a religion, religious beliefs should not be forced onto them. However, Derby presents his thoughts and findings in such a way, that he is simply worried about those who do not follow God." 

-Courtney Wohl, a Beautician with over 666,000 Subscribers on YouTube 

"For those of my readers that know me personally and want to know why I’d promote a book that goes against some of my personal views on my blog, the answer is simple. The book offers a wealth of information that supports its arguments. If you want to understand some of the current unpopular Christian arguments in the United States, this is a great book to pick up, no matter which side you are on." 

-Theresa Neal, New Inkling's Writing Blog 

"I don't personally agree with everything that the author says in the book, but I really enjoyed it because Justin Derby puts forward such a strong argument, in a very intelligent and articulate fashion. I found myself admiring him for having the courage to defend his beliefs in areas that are controversial to say the least! Read this book with an open mind; I guarantee that it will prove to be extremely thought provoking!" 

-Lesley H., Amazon Reviewer 

"In this timely revelation, Another Inconvenient Truth: What Secular America Hates, Justin Derby has once again, like the prophets of old, called on all Christians to be aware of the devices of the devil." 

-Jemima Amos, Christian Writer and Editor 

"I appreciate the beauty of the author’s arguments and his impassioned analysis on hard-hitting issues. They are well-researched and well-written. They will stir all kinds of emotions and may even test how strong your beliefs are. It’s unlikely you’d be persuaded to change opinions, but this one puts up one good fight." 

-Markus Book Reviews 

"I will using this resource for a long time to come." 

-Patrick J. Burwell, Director of Ministries, and author of "For The Love of Truth". 

"As a passionate reader and believer of the Gospel of Jesus my heart leaped for joy when this book came across my desk. On a daily basis we receive nearly 100 messages from authors wanting us to publish and promote their books. Unfortunately the majority of those authors would never be approved by our moral standards. They desire to publish lifeless books on financial prosperity and having your best life now. Justin Derby however, presented us with someone so much more!" 

-Chris Buscher, CEO of Lay Me Down Ministry INC