Another Inconvenient Truth 2

Here is the official announcement video for the release of 
"Another Inconvenient Truth 2: Defending Young Earth Creationism":

On May 5 of 2021, Justin Derby released Another Inconvenient Truth 2: Defending Young Earth Creationism, an apologetics/spiritual warfare book that focuses on defending Young Earth Creationism, and debunking Old Earth Creationism, Theistic Evolution, and Atheistic Evolution.


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Here are the reviews of "Another Inconvenient Truth 2":


"The biblical and secular worldviews are totally opposite regarding not only origins but all of reality. There is no way to join them in a manner that would make any logical sense. Thus, the ongoing evolution versus creation battle continues to rage throughout the Western world.

Justin Derby’s book, Another Inconvenient Truth 2, is not the first book written by a biblical creationist to point out these facts. There have been hundreds of books and thousands of articles that have done that exact thing. What makes Justin’s book worthy is that it is written from a perspective that I think is unique and has considerable value for consideration. While his unpacking of the overall evolution versus creation controversy is well done, the new perspective he presents on some very important topics should be welcomed by any Christian concerned about an accurate, authoritative, and inerrant interpretation of the Bible. 

The reader will learn about what is going on in the online podcast, social media, and video sharing platforms. These platforms are where many of the youth of today get their understanding of truth. In his book, Justin explains some very frightening goings on and makes recommendations for how to combat these things. I would say that Justin has an online expertise, developed from a number of years of experience that is certainly beyond mine; and I believe beyond that of many other more mature creationist researchers, writers, and speakers. He clearly explains how and why so many young people are being influenced to reject the Bible and run away from the Church. 

And, the reader will want to ponder Justin’s views regarding how Christian views regarding the age of the earth impact the salvation issue. His view does depart far from that of most of the large creationist organizations that direct Christian doctrine on the salvation question today. I suggest you read his view and make up your own mind. 

Overall, I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in the origins controversy and associated Christian issues." 

-J.D. Mitchell. P.E., MBS, Founder of Creation Engineering Concepts 

"The Philly Statement is a recent document that supports free speech and civil dialog. How does that apply to scientific discussions with divergent viewpoints such as the age of the Earth? Justin Derby’s Another Inconvenient Truth 2 – Defending Young Earth Creationism marshals out powerful facts that favor a youthful world and directly answers the ardent proponents of Deep Time. 

We should consider the other side of difficult conclusions some scientists make regarding our planet. Have you considered the voices of those who question the supposed extreme consequences of climate change? So-called “climate skeptics” include Patrick Moore (co-founder of Greenpeace) and Frederich Seitz, former President of the National Academy of Sciences. In like manner, Raymond Damadian, who invented the MRI, supports a young earth and Melvin Cook, who won the Nitro Nobel prize for explosives, criticized mainstream dating methods. 

Derby provides brave and bold opposition to the compromising positions of leading apologists such as William Lane Craig, Hugh Ross, Frank Turek, John Lennox, and Mike Licona who hold that Genesis is compatible with an old earth. 

Derby quotes creationist watchdog Eugenie Scott who said the following, “In my opinion, using creation and evolution as topics for critical-thinking exercises in primary and secondary schools is virtually guaranteed to confuse students about evolution and may lead them to reject one of the major themes in science." Whatever happened to vigorous discussion and open debate? 

"Another Inconvenient Truth 2" takes the controversial position that Young Earth Creationism is a salvation issue. This work also soundly refutes the Gap Theory & Day-Age Theory which interpret the Six Days of Genesis chapter one in a non-traditional sense. Derby’s stunning statement on our current condition is worth the price of the book: 

'The big billion-dollar tech corporations like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter think that they are above all laws and beyond any accountability as they try to rig elections and silence all dissidents; the Marxists have successfully turned the American education system into an indoctrination center for socialism, and the globalists are more boldly and publicly than ever pushing for the creation of a New World Order. You cannot understand how these authoritarians took over our society and world unless you understand the creation versus evolution debate.'" 

-Jay Hall M.S. Assistant Math Professor, Howard College